Code & Data

Code and data are released under permissive licenses (see the linked Github repositories for the license text). Please cite the respective publication/preprint upon reuse. For further enquiries about code and data reuse, please contact the first (lead) author of the respective paper.

Released Project Links
2021 Uncovering Latent Biases in Text Code + Data
2020 Focused Concept Miner: Interpretable
Deep Learning for Text Exploration
2020 Expanding Taxonomies with
Implicit Edge Semantics
Code + Data
2020 Detecting Attackable Sentences
in Arguments
2018 Outlier Detection in
Feature-Evolving Data Streams
Code, Data, Repo
2017 RUSH! Targeted Time-limited Coupons
via Purchase Forecasts
2016 Fast Memory-Efficient Anomaly Detection in Streaming Heterogeneous Graphs Code, Data, Repo